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Extends Moobile.Control

Provides a bar item control that will be used as the content of a Moobile.Bar control.



var barItem = new Moobile.BarItem([element], [options], [name]);


Name Type Description
element Optional Element The bar item’s element, element id or html string.
options Optional Object The bar item’s options, see below.
name Optional String The bar item’s name.


Name Type Description
className String The bar item’s extended CSS class name, defaults to null.
styleName String The bar item’s default style, defaults to null.
tagName String The bar item’s element tag name, defaults to div.


<div class="bar-item"></div>

Subclassing Notes:

Don’t instantiate this class. Instead, extend it by creating subclasses for your own implementation. Look at Moobile.NavigationBarItem for an extended Moobile.BarItem class.

This class overrides the following method:

  • willBuild: Call the parent method at the top of your implementation if you override this method.

Defined roles:

Name Description Applies to Note
item Defines an element acting as a Moobile.BarItem control Moobile.Bar controls Use the data-item attribute to specify a subclass instead