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805 537 ThomasEngels

Provides the base class for most visual objects the user will interact with. A component encapsulates a DOM element and…

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1168 2096 ThomasEngels

Provides a visual progress feedback for tasks of unknown duration. Initialization Syntax: var activityIndicator = new Moobile.ActivityIndicator([element], [events], [options]); Parameters:…

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400 600 ThomasEngels

Extends Moobile.Control Provides a bar control that’s usually positionned at the top of bottom of a view. The bar itself…

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558 463 ThomasEngels

Extends Moobile.Control Provides a bar item control that will be used as the content of a Moobile.Bar control. Initialization Syntax:…

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1298 728 ThomasEngels

Extends Moobile.Control Provides a list item control used inside a Moobile.List control. Initialization Syntax: var item = new Moobile.ListItem([element], [options],…

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545 641 ThomasEngels

Extends Moobile.Bar Provides an extended Moobile.Bar control that handles a Moobile.NavigationBarItem. Initialization Syntax: var navigationBar = new Moobile.NavigationBar([element], [options], [name]);…

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616 458 ThomasEngels

Provides an object for managing a view and its view controller hierarchy. Initialization Syntax: var viewController = new Moobile.ViewController([options], [name]);…

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640 360 ThomasEngels

Extends Moobile.ViewController Provides a controller for managing a stack of controllers with methods to move from one view controller to…

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