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545 641 ThomasEngels

Extends Moobile.Bar Provides an extended Moobile.Bar control that handles a Moobile.NavigationBarItem. Initialization Syntax: var navigationBar = new Moobile.NavigationBar([element], [options], [name]);…

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599 557 ThomasEngels

Extends Moobile.Control Provides an horizontal slider control. Initialization Syntax: var slider = new Moobile.Slider([element], [options], [name]); Parameters: Name Type Description…

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622 772 ThomasEngels

Provides a list control that handles list items. Initialization Syntax: var list = new Moobile.List([element], [options], [name]); Parameters: Name Type…

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700 467 ThomasEngels

Extends Moobile.Component Provides a modal alert dialog. Initialization Syntax: var alert = new Moobile.Alert([element], [options], [name]); Parameters: Name Type Description…

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397 737 ThomasEngels

Extends Moobile.Control Provides a control that group buttons and handle the selection of these buttons. Initialization Syntax: var buttonGroup =…

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624 630 ThomasEngels

Provides an extended Moobile.BarItem that handles a title and buttons on both sides of the title. Initialization Syntax: var navigationBarItem…

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310 163 ThomasEngels

Extends Moobile.Control Provides a control that contains text and HTML. Initialization Syntax: var text = new Moobile.Text([element], [options], [name]); Parameters:…

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1600 900 ThomasEngels

Provides an area in which a user can interract. A view represents a page in your application. Initialization Syntax: var…

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